Monday, September 9, 2013

Food Waste - Time to think

Food Waste refers to the food that is thrown away by household, restaurants and food-bazaars. Despite the ugly truth that many Indians die of hunger everyday, colossal amount of food is wasted.

Food waste is not just the waste of food but also the waste of natural resources that are spent in producing it like land, water, etc. making it an unsustainable practice.

At a time where food security is at the forefront of policy makers' agenda, it is needed that awareness about the issue of food waste needs to be increased. Many people in the society just don't care about its deleterious effects. This mindset needs to change.

What can be done?
a) Greater awareness is obviously the key here. It is necessary that people adopt this intrinsically. Government should actively promote campaigns on mass-media highlighting this issue.
b) In large ceremonies like wedding, food is often wasted in huge amounts. This needs to be avoided by planning the ceremonies properly and well in-advance.
c) At the individual level, each of us should take as much as we can eat and don't waste food unnecessarily.

Such small changes can go a long way in enhancing food security and promoting sustainable development. 

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